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photography equipment

About Me

Videomaker. Photographer. Drone Certified. 
I attended filmmaking courses at Raindance School in London and I'm constantly adding new skills through studying, practicing, learning and dedication into any side of filmmaking.

I'm also a professional photographer specializing in luxury brands. My pictures have also been published by popular magazines such as Vogue. Here's the link of the most recent one. 

I'm able to deliver a professional finished product either with the help of my team members dedicated to each task or even solo to be more cost efficient.

In terms of GEAR I personally own 3 Sony cameras (Full Frame a7sIII and a7III and APS-C a6500) with Sony GM lenses to deliver the highest video quality at broadcast level. As for lights I own professional Godox video lights and diffuser for a professional lighting set up.  
I'm a certified drone operator and own both DJI drones for classic shots and also FPV (First Person View) drones for more dynamic shots.

So if you have an IDEA and would like to discuss it with us, please get in touch.

Kiki Pi
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